Mississauga City Centre

Mississauga City Centre is the first choice for urban living standards. The City Centre provides grounds for many business activities. It is... Read More

City Centre Areas
Mississauga City Centre consists of 9 areas according to the new Downtown21 master plan boundary.

Mississauga Civic region is a part of Downtown 21’s major Framework plan. The DT21 strategic plan has proposed a predictable development framework for landowners and developers so as to make it a sustainable place. Civic region will act as a centra... Read More

Clearly Park is one of the districts of the proposed street framework and currently a vacant land which is at the South of Burnhamthorpe and west of Confederation Park Way and would be a home for offices, residential areas and parks. In the future, w... Read More

Mc Laughlin is a road that continues towards the south but is under the name “Confederation Parkway”. Confederation Parkway continues to a bridge and ends at the Queensway. Government authorities of Mississauga City centre have planned to make th... Read More

Hurontario  is a new area of Mississauga. Hurontario  started to grow as a residential neighborhood in early 1980’s. Population has relatively increased in those regions that are near to Mississauga City Centre. Most of the residents of Hurantari... Read More

Main Street in the Mississauga city centre is passing through the revitalization phase. City government authority of Mississauga plans to do beneficial developments to the place so that it would become the “beating heart” of downtown. A light rai... Read More

Mississauga Valley is a home for about 10, 000 people. Mississauga Valley is a wonderful place where people are involved in many social activities. Terry fox pool and fitness centre It is rectangular in shape, is a 25 m with 6 lanes. You might enjoy... Read More

The Rathburn district shall be the host for Mississauga Bus Transit terminal. It is planned by the government authorities to modify the existing traffic lanes on Rathburn road from the east of Hurontario street right to the Duke of York Boulevard. Ot... Read More

Mississauga City Centre offers a range of beautiful experiences which keeps its visitors coming back again. Square One is one of the nine regions of the Mississauga City Centre. Square One Shopping Center Square One Shopping Centre is one of the larg... Read More